Circuit breaker, Extended Lockdown, PCF withdrawal, Working Corner, Who is an Entrepreneur: Five for Friday

Friday of April 10, 2020

Singapore partial lockdown but not yet code red. Hopefully this step would lower down the confirmed cases. Cases really did spike in construction worker dormitories. Meanwhile in the Philippines the March lockdown is being extended for another 1 month. Most people are still clueless on the lockdown, most people assume that the virus will be gone after lockdown. Unless Manila locks foreign entries or properly control foreign entries, the virus will still stay. We decided to file a withdrawal notice for Joyce during this uncertain times. I have a new working corner, directly connected to the router and has visibility to the kids and the living room. Lets what the another Crash Coarse video of who is an Entrepreneur.

Singapore circuit breaker

The singapore pm just announced a measure to close no essential businesses...

It is getting bad in Singapore more untrackable cases are being found. Partial lockdown is definitely essential

Philippines lockdown extended

An extended lockdown...

Manila and other Major Cities in the Philippines will still be under a lockdown. The current volume in the hospital is still quite high.

Joyce withdrawn from PCF

We decided to submit a withdrawal form for Joyce.

During this uncertain time we decided to temporarily pull out Joyce from school.

New working corner

Staying in a new working corner...

Working in one of the corners of the living room during this circuit breaker. Good view on the kids and people going inside and outside the house. Likewise a position where I can easily be distracted. Working from home do really reduce one's productivity.

Crash Course: Who Even Is An Entrepreneur?

Times are tough.. We our getting old.. We get bolder an confident.. We jump entrepreneurship..

Entering entrepreneurship is really a bold effort. Watching this series just to get some inspiration and motivation on how I can purse business.


Covid Circuit Breaker, Hou Yuhao, High blood, Recovery, Super Simple Songs: Five for Friday

Friday of April 03, 2020

After eating kitkat ice cream, then eating mcdonalds increase my breathing difficulty. This is strange because this is the second time it happened this year.

Covid19: Circuit Breaker

Singapore PM announce the SG lockdown version, Circuit Breaker...

It is a big thing for Singapore to do a lockdown. The cases are rising in the constrution workers. Singapore do massive testing, resulting to higher count. I think this is an appropriate move given the rising numbers.

Hou Yuhao

Spirit Eye of Asura. God of Emotion...

He is the Soul Land 2: Huo Yuhao main character. Decendant of Dai Mumbai from Soul Land 1.

High Blood

High blood again, had some trouble breathing...

This week I am not sure but I do have tight chest and breathing issues. I do need to take my diet seriously, heart attack or stroke is a real threat.

A Week of Recovery

Grapling for this week's recovery...

I couldn't say much but rest and eat the right food, avoid mcdonalds and ice lemon tea.

Super Simple Songs: Kids Songs

Jace' favorite great music and video for kids...


Punggol Settlement, Manila full lockdown, Singapore closed to tourist, Philippine Best Approach, Migration European History: Five for Friday

Friday of March 27, 2020

End of March, the Covid-19 seems to be with us for almost a 2 months. I can't imagine that it will be like a common flu, in will change the world for the next few years. Hopefully Singapore is a safer place and I hope my work in much more secured than others.

Drifted through Punggol Settlement

Weekend fun to less congested and open areas...

A 360 photo with us the only diners in Inspirit restaurant in punggol settlement. It was raining hard after we arrived the place, luckly we already settled down and didn't experience the hassle of the rainfall.

Went around the nearby stores and restaurant. This place is a bike drop off zone.

Joyce liked the beach side and she liked playing on the sands. A beach 10 minute drive from our place, isn't that great? The beach is not impressive though.

Aside from the beach there is also park where Joyce can play the sand playground.

Grocery walk Singapore

Walking from home to rivermall mall has been a chore...

Weekend luxury is going to grocery. Ok we are reducing our contact and movement, we try our best to move less and do basic grocery on the nearby store.

Singapore has been closed to tourist

I think closing singapore for tourist sounds very late compare to other countries doing a lockdown...

The photo is me and Jace like a tourist going around non-crowded areas of Singapore. Our family have been cautious in going to dense areas, and tried our best to do our way of social distancing without going to a full isolation. It is hard to have a degree of resricted movement, but comparing our situation to other countries like Italy, Philippines and Malaysia I think our current setup is still fine.

Philippine Best Approach

Poor countries cannot sustain a prolonged lockdown...

Having a lockdown is a good approach to deal with the rising hospital intake, but what is important is why they do during the lockdown. One should be preparing to fight a longer storm. Lockdown will not remove the virus, it is just a measure to reduce the incident and to prevent hospital over capacity. Philippines is not good in planning, elderly should be isolate and really distance themselves to most people.

Crash Course: Migration, European History #29

Working in Singapore for several years, although I am not an immigrant, at least I feel like one...


Migration Cutover, Philippines & Malaysia Lockdown, Nandos, East Coast Park, Crash course Disease: Five for Friday

Friday of March 20, 2020

It has been a busy week. Despite the chaos in other countries Singapore is still in a better position in handling the pandemic. The migraton was over last weekend, the post production migration support is ongoing. Everything looks ok except for some hiccups like storage hitting near 80%, forgot some logs clean-up, some job rescheduling and a few minor incidents.

Meanwhile in Manila and Malaysia both country performed a shutdown. Manila was in a confused state, everyone is unclear on how life would be during the shutdown, panic surges everyone is stocking food and necessities. Philippines also have a bad health care system which made it even more obvious due to this pandemic. The lack of supply and the risk that the frontliners are taking. Malaysia also had it bad preventing any foreigners going in and local citizen going out. Everything is chaotic nowadays, fortunately Singapore tries to strive amids all the chaos. Dispite the outside panic our family was still able to enjoy open area outdoor activity in Singapore, such as walking in the park.

Migraton Cutover

Successful migration and cutover...

Thank God! The migration is already over no need to go to data center to test and configure the servers. We barely able to make it happen, given the time constraits and the issues we encountered over the entire duration.

Philippines and Malaysia Lockdown

Manila started implementing a lock around 15-March...

A sudden decision to lockdown causes havoc...

Philippines issued a locked down to reduce the incidents of the recent Corana Virus. This lock down will last for one month, or until everything is settled.url


Lunch at Nandos, Nowadays it is a rare occation to eat outside...

Grabbed a bite at Nandos, we got our free 1 whole chicken!

East Coast Park Amids the Chaos

Dropped by East Coast Park Playground and Beach Side...

Marine Cove restaurant and dining area. Joyce loves this playground. Her first time to climb and walk the bridge.

East coast park 360 photo. Cycling area, City and Beach.

Crash Course: Disease! Crash Course World History

Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it...


Punggol Waterway Point, Recession, Pandemic, Unrivaled Tang Sect: Five for Friday

Friday of March 13, 2020

This weekend we dropped by waterway point for our weekly grocer and dine. The world is in recession, as if a few months ago everyone is saying that US has been strong this past 10 years without one. The covid-19 pandemic forced this recession, actually there couldn't have been a perfect excuse and timing for this recession. Alot of events are cancelled and country starting to close borders, in the effort to contain the flu virus. I have also started reading again the Unrivaled Tang Sect, the second book of Doulou Dalu.

Punggol Waterway Point

Family weekends dine-out...

Our family photo just like any other dine-out weekend. At last we are able to go to another mall, and not stay in Sengkang Sports Complex again this weekend. A 360 shot while we are walking in the riverside of waterway point. Walking by the riverside is quite relaxing and comforting given the time ahead. After playing some bubbles, we dined in Pizza Hut.

Global Recession: Investment

Recession, recovery and investment...

Sharing the photo for the recovery curves after the recession. Currently it seems the recession is not big free fall similar to 10 year ago. Hopefully a vaccine or a drug can be developed, it will save live a well us bring the markets back.

Pandemic: Italy and South Korea

Two great heathcare systems sufferred major blows, I can't imagine how Philippines can address the issue...

As of now covid-19 is already declared a a pandemic. Italy and South Korean is currently one of the badly hit countries outside of China. Based on the forcast other countries will soon follow. Worst case 20% of the population will die, most will be from the poor and elderly. Our best hope is for a vaccine which will not come anytime soon. Another thing is we should at most minimize our movements, keep distance and ensure we are healthy at all times.

Unrivaled Tang Sect

I have started reading the continuation of Duolou Dalu series. The second book is titled Unrivaled Tang Sect.

Infographics: Why Spanish Flu Killed Over 50 Million People - Deadliest Plague in Modern History

Currently we are experiencing covid-19 a flu pandemic, going back 100 years ago the world also experience the Spanish flu one of the most deadliest plague in history.