Couples for Christ, MM2H: October-Month

Tuesday of October 30, 2018

This month we got invited to a Couple for Christ session (October 6, 13). The topics are mostly about faith reenforcement, it makes sense to make this as the initial topic since we are new couples attending CFC. We are also exploring MM2H (Malaysia My Second Home) immigration program.

  1. Couple for Christ, attendance
  2. Discussion about Malaysia My Second Home as an option


Js13k, Need to workout, Punggol, Migration on 2 Weekends: September-Month

Sunday of September 30, 2018

September: My wife's birthday. Recently our mood tends to go to the bored side of things. Its is like things are the same day in and out.

  1. Submitted my Js13k entry, but ranked miserably
  2. Started to do some running, but stopped midway
  3. Din Tai Feng weekends
  4. Techer Janessa got promoted as principal to another centre
  5. Joyce and Mommy Punggol Waterpoint train ride
  6. We had an instance migration for Oracle BPM for done in 2 weekends


Work, Oracle BPM, National Day SG, Js13k: August-Month

Friday of August 31, 2018

August: A month just like any other, we missed travelling so this month we drop by JB for massage, grocery and just any thing else. I also started preparing some codes for Js13k. At work majority of the effort goes to Oracle BPM Migration.

  1. Started preparing for Js13k entry
  2. Worked for Js13k
  3. Prepareing for Oracle BPM Migration
  4. Singapore National day, JB with Family


Botanic Gardens: Family for Friday

Saturday of August 25, 2018

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It has been 2 years since we have been here. It was fun and tiring experience specially when jace gets his attacks.

Johor Bharu, Holiday Villa JB: Family for Friday

Saturday of August 18, 2018

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This year is the JB year for us, we crossed JB frequently to relax and shop. This time we dropped by Holiday Villa Hotel beside KSL mall.