I'm Forty

Friday of November 17, 2023

I'm forty this year.

Anniversary, Katsu, Extra Ordinary, Chess Technique, Start from Nothing

Friday of October 27, 2023

This is our twelveth year anniversary! I love japanese cuisine craving for Katsu and Ramen. Alot of work and alot of overtime. This one is not something I believe my current company does ^^. but personally we should make extra ordinary things happen. Joyce is having fun playing chess, this is a exercise for her to improve her critical thinking skills but at the same time her emotional quotient.

Our 12th Year Wedding Anniversary

Life has been a rollercoaster ride...

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It has been an amazing 12 years of Married life. Kat and I met way back 2003 and it has been almost 20 years of love, quarrel, misunderstand and friendship.

Katsu with Wifie

Usual dinings with wife...

Back in Singapore me and kat rarely dine alone. Often kids are always with us. It was quite hard for us to get our own me time. The only time we were able to dine alone together was when we are in Compass Heights and we can leave the kids inside the Condo unit. Casually dining with my wifie. We only spend a few hours in the mall before going back home.

Ramen with Wifie

Every once in a while everyone likes the usual taste of a rich ramen...

I love to eat ramen! The hot soup and good noodles give me the ramen cravings.

NCS Making Extra Ordinary Happen

Stayed due to some urgent deliverables...

There have been alot of work these past few months. Usually I need to go home late due to the last minutes deliverables. Looking back this is how the front door looked like at NCS during late at night.

Chess Technique

Interesting basic chess techniques...

Joyce have been more or less interested in chess recently. Her talent in playing chess is still lacking. Most likely she needs for foresight and patterned techniques.


Start a Business from Nothing

Doing and starting something from nothing...

Make it Public. Provide the value for Free. Target the market you care about.


Kat Birthday, Jace and Joyce, Daily Singapore, Retro Console, 8 Miles from Home

Friday of September 29, 2023

Kat just turned 38 a new blessing of life. Jace and Joyce sharing rides. Jace loves to be carried. My usual sights in alone in Singapore. SNES retro console nostalgic feeling. British family bloggers.

Katrina Birthday

Another year. Another life of blessing...

It is a roller coaster year for us. We had an emergency flight back to the Philippine this very date last year.

Family birthday prayers for everyone. We are happy that we here today to celebrate Kat's birthday.

Amazing Manila Cathedral Church. We took some photo before the mass started. There were also alot of foriegners taking photos inside and outside of the cathedral.

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Joyce and Jace Rides

Bro and Sis...

It saves the cost of the ride, both share the rides everytime we visit the mall.

Jace Dine and Carry

Carry kids as much as you can while there are still young...

Kids love it when I carry them. As of now I do my best to carry both Jace and Joyce while there are still small.

Daily Singapore: Sights

A company logo near the gym, lost in express way, amazon sg...

NCS is quite creative in putting the logo with energize theme. Taken when I missed a bus stop on the way to the office in the Morning. Amazon being creative in its ads through sbs bus. I actually thought that shipment boxes were placed there.

Daily Singapore: Food, Mee Poh Fishball Noodle Soup

My meals here in Singapore...

My favorite mee poh flat yellow noodles. The taste is very natural and the soup base is really good. It is flavorful and not salty.

Super Nintendo

Retro SNES reminisce of the childhood carefree days...

We just saw this exhibition stalls in one of the malls. The stall provide customers to play retro games as well as the sell nostalgic stuffs.

Vlogs: 8 Miles from Home

British family travelling blogs...

I started following thier youtube blogs this year. There is something different watching their family blogs and at same time it is also encouraging to watch.

Jace Friidays, Ramen, Furniture, Donuts, Mama Birthday

Friday of August 25, 2023

Jace physical education activities on fridays. Our recent cravings for a really good set of Ramen. Assembling of furnitures. Sweet bites. My mom's birthday month.

PE Fridays

Jace is back to school and friday is workout days...

Jace Physical Education Fridays'. Normally friday are alotted for the sporty activities. For the learning centers, Jace would have his share of exercises.

Ramen Ramen

The noodles Joyce and Daddy loves...

Recently me and my daughter is craving for ramen. Almost every weekend once we would eat ramen in SM.

Ramen Kuroda Food Shop

Our go to japanese ramen and bento shop...

This resturant is always in SM and currently they do serve decent ramen and bento.

Furniture Assesemby

Cabinet, Bed, Stands assessmbly...

Shopee furnitures are not easy to assemble specially the bulk stuff.

Mom and Daughter

Kat and Joyce...

Just the usual booth photo inside the mall.

Donuts with Wifie

Donuts and Coffee...

Krispy Kreme donuts just on the 1st level of SM BF. Taking some coffee while Jace and Joyce is playing nearby.

Solo photo of my wifie craving for the donuts.

Mama's Birthday

August is my mom's birthday month...

Im a bit sad that our family don't have much photos or videos of mama's birthday. I felt abit since since our family is actually not type to celebrate birthdays.


Joyce Birthday, Jace Flu, Working in NCS, Mushoku Tensei, Jujutsu Kaisen

Friday of July 28, 2023

Another year of blessing for Joyce. Time fly I can still remember when we celebrated her birthday in Compass Heights, and she had a few photo shoot near the pool. Jace had his flu and we need to bring him to the doctor. Eventually it was found out to be a bacterial infections. After taking an antibiotics he eventually got ok. I have been working in NCS for like 11 years, by the way it was the same age as Jace. Didy is also leaving the project due to stress. This month a few anime launched their season 2. Really excited to watch Mushoko Tensei and Jujutsu Kaisen.

Joyce Birthday

Our daughter just turned 9 this year...

We had a simple home birthday celebration for Joyce. Basically we just had cake and the usually Jolibee package.

Joyce Birthday and Vibing shots it was take a day after her birthday. So basically we just dropped by the mall to have her extended celebration.

Jace had Flu

Check-up in Paranaque Medical...

Photo taken from Parnaaque Medical side window. Jace had a flu and we are still in the verge of deciding if he will be confined in the hospital or not. Normally we would have brought Jace already to the doctor at least 3 days of fever, but due to scheduling difficulties we only brought him after 5 days. We felt it was serious but after taking the antibiotic everything went ok.

Jace had a bad flu it took us 1 week before we brought him to the doctor. We were worried due to two things first it aws long running fever and second Kat's sister was admitted to the hospital. We were contemplating whether to admit Jace to the hospital or just consult a doctor. In the end we decided for a doctor consultation and was recommended prescribe an antibiotic. The antibiotic was effective, Jace fever immediately dropped down and he was able to recover in just a few days.

Working in NCS: Dish Collector

Company robot dish collector...

NCS dish collector robot. It is really nothing special, it is basically just a moving dish collector. The sensor and technology behind is just like the usual robot vacuum cleaner. I even feel the more expensive robot vacuums are more capable than the dish collector.

Working in Singapore: C2IS Project Team

Project team I'm working with...

Solo shot in the NCS lobby. Didy is also Leaving the Team due to stress.

Mushoku Tensei Season 2

Anime perspective, I do still love the LN version...

Reading and completing the light novel the Anime version truly bring a different perspective to it. The only thing on the anime is it was greatly shortened causing

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2

Partially watching the initial episode of season 2. On this season the focus is on the life of Satoru Gojo.

Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen Shibuya Incident

Satoru Gojo battles...

A curtain falls over Shibuya, trapping civilians. As jujutsu sorcerers rush to help, the cursed spirits’ main target is Satoru Gojo.

Jace Birthday, Nasugbu, Apple Vision Pro, Rubiks Cube, Dr. Stone

Friday of June 30, 2023

Jace birthday, he just turn 11 this year. It is June and we had this late summer break. The new Apple VR headset which some are excited about. Trying out Rubiks cube with Joyce. Dr. Stone a fun to watch anime.

Jace Birthday

Another year of life and happiness

Simple home birthday celebration of Jace' Birthday. Unfortunately Jace' wasn't feeling well during his birthday. We have other plans to go on a vacation but didn't push through since Jace wasn't feeling well.

Nasugbu Summer Vacation

Fun summer vacation in Batanggas...

We had our summer break vacation in Nasugbu. It was a last minutes planning, literally I booked the hotel and the van while I was in the plane.

Apple Vision Pro Pushing Consumer VR

Apple is pushing its own EXPENSIVE VR headset...

It is exciting that Apple is pushing its own VR headset. It is insanely expensive, and we still hopeful if it will become a popular niched product similar to apple watch.

Rubiks Cube

Learning Rubiks Cube...

Joyce and I started playing and practising Rubiks cube. Joyce took maybe around 2 weeks to fully memorize the beginners method.

Anime: Dr. Stone Official Anime Trailer

Watching this not so new Anime in Netflix...

A mysterious event turns humanity to stone. Thousands of years later, two childhood friends emerge from their stone shells. Senku Ishigami just happens to have an exceptional knack for science and gives him and his friend a chance to rebuild civilization. Dr. Stone is airing this summer on Crunchyroll here: https://www.crunchyroll.com/dr-stone/