Soul Land 4, Kids Room, Migration, Agitated: Five for Friday

Friday of May 29, 2020

Started reading soul land 4. Planning for stuff in the kids room. Busy with the library upgrade and migration. Sometimes speaking stuff when one is hungry or not in a mood results to a terrible conversation.

Soul Land 4: Final Douluo

The fourth book of the Soul Land Series...

I am reading Soul Land 4 in machine translation by lnmtl: douluo dalu 4 final douluo. It is more like a continutation of Soul Land 3, but the story revolved on the kid of Tang Wulin (Son of Tang San, Inheritor of the Golden Dragon Bloodline) and Gu Yuena (Soul Beast in Human Form, Silver Dragon King). Wulin and Yuena still appears in Soul Land 4 but with memory loss. This fourth part is really exciting, and I can easily comprehend the events that took place during the previous book.

Kids Room. Covid Face Shield.

Getting one of the rooms for the kids, bought face sheild and a couple of mask...

We are planning to clear out one of the rooms for the kids to use. We also wanted to reduce the risk of more people moving inside the house. We bought a face sheild for Joyce and Jace usage. A room basically cost an additional $700 per month on us, at first we feel the loss. Either way we just think that we are a big family now and as part of being a big family here in Singapore we need to rent more space for the kids. We can also think that in is an insurance cost or loss that we need to cover. It is just a part of the expenditures of having a family. Worst case we just need to find another person to cover it or find another flat in the future.

Tech Refresh Migration Spring Hibernate Jsf Webglogic

This the real pain in my task, migration a legacy system to a new one...

If you have a fixed immovable deadline the only way to finish it is through overtime. If the you're estimates are rejected and the schedule is forced upon you, then you ended up having no option but to compelete it. If you hated it then switch job, sometimes you just get this trouble task once is while.

Basically we need to upgrade from Weblogic 10g to 12c. Java 7 to 8. Oracle BPM, Oracle OSB and all sort of our interfaces. No value is added except for the extension of the support, some minor fixes that dont really affect us. This kind of things and activities, the cost and time is not worth the value.


Just don't speak, more words doesn't solve anything...

Busy life often leads to bad arguments over simple stuffs. The more you say things, the more things gets complicated. A good relationship do really require when to shutup and just absorb the nags.

Crash Course: Depressive and Bipolar Disorders #30

Knowing and understanding other and one's self is key for a successful relationship...

Understand others it the key.


Next Hack, Default Java Linux, Find Java Process, Value Proposition and Customer Segments: Five for Friday

Friday of May 22, 2020

NCS next hack we won a consolation prize of four, $80 grab vouchers. The next hack consolation prize is not bad given the effort spent. Switching my default java version in linux, ok I can call the bin/java directly but it is cool if I want it as a default. I don't have anything to write so I just place an overly used GREP and FIND command. Being a technical lead in the team is hard and cool.

Next Hack

Converting your basic thermal scanner...

It was a busy month. We lacked a cool idea. We made a simple prototype and a lousy presentation. Overall the grab voucher are worth the minimal effort.

Change Default Java in Linux

Blah blah a linux command...

check sudo update-alternatives --config java

Find all java process in Linux

Blah blah a linux command...

ps -fea|grep -i java

Project Technology Lead

I am the team's tech lead...

A few things to note why I am our team's tech lead. First technology lead just basically means I know alot of the project technical details. I am versed enough to address the project technical needs. I am competent enough to assign and resolve project technical issues. End of the day it is about delivery and efficency on available resources.

I wrote a few automation scripts / code to make life easier. I writethis blog poorly because It is just work flying of my mind. No revisions just post, nobody reads this anyway.

Crash Course: Value Proposition and Customer Segments #3

Learning a few basic overview on customer segments...

Crash course is really like a good pie. It is nice at the start, but it is actually messy if you don't know the eating technique.


Mothers day, Microwave Broken, Baking cookies, Reflections, How to Sell Anything: Five for Friday

Friday of May 15, 2020

Last Sunday is Mother's Day! Our microwave just broke off, luckly my wife found a way to repair it! Baking homemade cookies from bad to great brownies. Life and self-reflection. How to sell any product.

Mother's Day

A special day for someone special...

It is mother's day! Happy Mother's Day to My Lovely Wifie!

Microwave Broken

Broken microwave, sparkling...

Our microwave just broke down. The metalic sheet that disipate the waves burned and caused some sparks. Luckily my wife found an online fix for it, we purchased a compatible metalic board in Lazada. Hopefully the microwave should work again after it arrives in 3 weeks. It is COVID season so shipments are really delayed.

Baking cookies

A few failed attempt to create a diy cookie...

Just to try something new. I tried baking a simple homemade cookie or brownies.


Lockdown is also a room for reflection...

Life is hard when there is problem hitting you. Overall my life is quite good, nice and happy. Experiencing the terrible times lets you appreciate your current state in life. Despite lockdown I can still work from home when others can't even find a job.

Crash Course: How to Sell Anything #12

How to Sell Anything: Crash Course Entrepreneurship #12...

It can be hard to strike the right tone or know what’s going to appeal to someone, but there are tricks. We can craft a narrative and use well-placed emotional appeals to tell customers a story.


Extended Circuit Breaker, Joyce PCF Withdrawal, ABS-CBN Shutdown, Pandora, Minimum Viable Product and Pivoting: Five for Friday

Friday of May 08, 2020

Another month of circuit breaker here in Singapore. After a couple of discussion with Ms. Yeo we decided to cancel Joyce' withdrawal in PCF. Philippines, the current administration forced ABS-CBN to shutdown its public signal broadcast. Pandora for mother's day!

Extended Circuit Breaker

Adjusting work from home life style and efficiency...

It is a good call to add one more month to the circuit breaker. There are hundreds of cases in worker dormitories each day. The impact of this closure is felt by restaurant, retail and tourist industries.

Cancelled Joyce PCF Withdrawal

We would pay more if we cancel Joyce Withdrawal...

It was a trap to withdraw Joyce out of PCF since we still need to pay 2 months of fees. We don't blame PCF, actually we liked the school. Everyone is trying to manage themselves during this pandemic.

ABS-CBN Shutdown

The franchise of a TV station is not renewed...

Hitting the largest tv station that is critical to the government sums up everything. Btw there only two outstanding stations in the Philippines, and one of them was just knocked out. ABS-CBN in the service for the Filipino people.

Poor Philippines for 30 years

Philippines is a screwed up country...

Philippines as a country has no hope in elevating its poverty line soon. In the next 30 years people will remain poor in the country. More people also means cheaper labor cost, which in turn an opportunity to hire low; but in the world of machinery this is also a problem of productivity.

Pandora for Mother's Day

I love my wife, I like pandora...

Gave my wife a pandora necklace and pendant this mother's day. This photo that I post is quite bad but the rose gold necklace and infinity necklace is very nice.

Crash Course: Minimum Viable Product and Pivoting #6

Create a product viable enough for other people to use...

Having a side hustles is important pursue one's tech career. This is the reason I have attempted to have kosilog, jyoru, pinoypixel, forkge and katture.


Labor Day, Circuit Breaker, Peerjs, Websockets, Covid Hack, Question No One Knows the Answers: Five for Friday

Friday of May 01, 2020

Peaceful Labor Day in the Philippines, obviously during the lockdown. Another week of circuit breaker in Singapore. Experimented on Peerjs for webrtc server. Covid hack in the company. Free web socket server. Watch some TED video about questions in our current world that no one has answers to. A plain week with not much photo to share, mostly like any other week in the house.

Labor Day

This the first time that it had been a quiet Labor Day...

Due to the COVID crisis it is a quiet labor day. No street rally and everything is only brought online.

Circuit Breaker

Extended circuit breaker on labor day...

Just another day not really much

Peerjs and Websocket

Re experimenting on peerjs and websocket...

Sharing a free websocket server . I might as well build one for testing and experiments.

Covid Hack

Preparing for the company covid hack project...

Brainstorming on how what to build for the COVID hack. Some ideas are trackers, temperature sensors and crowd control.

Crash Course: Questions No One Knows the Answers To

This world is still full of unknowns, and we should accept and embrace them...

It is normal for a person to fear the unknown and thus we try to make sense of it by creating shallow and vague hypotesis or adhoc claims. Ofthen we resort to unworldly powers as excuse to explain the unknowns, these things happend through out mankind. I remember my grade school teacher saying she dont like science because some of them deny God and as if they know everything. People of science don't claim they know everything on the contrary they thrive from the unknowns.


Last dance, Circuit Breaker, Hack, Git, Side Hustles: Five for Friday

Friday of April 24, 2020

Started watching Netflix's Chicago Bull's Last Dance. Circuit Breaker Week 3, Cases are increasing this second week specially within the worker dormitories. Joyce is trying to practise her piano. The US president blames the World Health Organization on the countries problems. Switched from

Netflix's Chicago Bulls: Last Dance

Early millennials would definitly recognize Chicago Bulls...

The Netflix Last Dance bring back the childhood memories. I am not a basketball fan, but the in one way or the other I do watch and play basketball. In the Philippines almost all kids play basketball.

Next Hack Application

Joined a company hackathon...

Despite being quite old join company hackathon is still fun and enjoyable.

Circuit Breaker Week 3

The third week for circuit breaker and the cases are still increasing...

It is getting bad in Singapore more untrackable cases are being found. Partial lockdown is definitely essential.

Learning Git

Using GIT from SVN...

Just switched from git to svn. A few challenges in merging and resolving items. A items learned from this week is cherry picking, squash and rebase. Some concepts in git are not in svn, though other items are them, it is best to keep the merging and flow clean.

Tech Lead: Side Hustles

Why side hustles are important for personal imporvement...

One way or another we want to improve, to do that is go through side hustles.


Joyce Piano, Circuit Breaker, Trump Blames WHO, Police Kitchen Trasher, Accounting: Five for Friday

Friday of April 17, 2020

Cases are increasing this second week specially within the worker dormitories. Joyce is trying to practise her piano. The US president blames the World Health Organization on the countries problems. Police came to the house to investigate the person throwing trash in the kitchen window. Learn abit of accounting in Crash Course Accounting.

Joyce Practising Keyboard

Trying to learn the keys and recognizing the notes...

We bought this last christmas and Joyce had fun Casio SA-46

Circuit Breaker Week 2

The second week for circuit breaker and the cases are still increasing...

It is getting bad in Singapore more untrackable cases are being found. Partial lockdown is definitely essential. We had our socially distance grocery activity. Going out with two strollers and kids.

Company Adjusting Policy and Clearance

Our company is trying to mitigate the risk of the current pandemic by adding additional measure to work and do support...

Adjusting to the new working policy, working at home amids the pandemic.

Police Came To Identify The Kitchen Trasher

Someone throws stuff in the kitchen window, and the police went to every home of this side of the wall to investigate...

A police came to investigate the person throwing litters in the kitchen window. Three police 2 male 1 female investigate the incident.

Crash Course: Accounting and Book Keeping

This is quick guide in doing accounting, pratise accounting rather focusing too much on the concept.