ChineseNewYear, Valentines, Vaccination, Haircut, Windward, Unwell: Five for Friday

Friday of February 25, 2022

Chinese new year celebration in Punggol Whisk and Paddle. We got an orange from some staff. Celebrating a simple valentines day in starvisa after a covid booster shot. Rainy weeks, it has been raining these days. We can also feel the cool singapore breeze. Second dose of vaccinations for Jace and Joyce Windward upgrades works stuff. Jace and I had our haircut. Ikea refund.

CNY Celebration in Whisk and Paddle

Had a simple dine in on whisk and paddle to celebrate the new year...

Valenties after a boostershot

We had our dine in Starvista mall to celebrate our valentines day...

Vaccination and Haircut

Kids had their booster shots and their haircut this month...

Windward letter

This upgrade consist the bulk of our work this past few weeks...

Health Struck Us

After eating in a crowded place in Punggol, things got south and everyone got abit unwell...


Rebuildworld, Farminglife, NPCTownBuilding, Vaccine, Church, Certificate, Death, Punggolspots: Five for Friday

Friday of January 28, 2022

Rebuildworld web novel. Farming life web novel. NPC town building web novel. Vaccine Joyce Booking. Church attendance after two years. Certificate upgrades for my websites. Nagesh an NCS Colleuge father's death. One friday we dropped by all the punggol spots. Punggol Settlement, Oasia Mall, Northshore Mall.

Rebuildworld Web novel

Another novel and another life...

I have been reading a new web novel recently called It has been like a modern steampunk vibe to it.

Farming Life Web novel

Another novel and another life...

I have been reading a new web novel recently called It is an overpowered farmer building a community. You can get the I'm Reincarnated as a Slime vibe of a story.

NPC Town Building Web novel

Another novel and another life...

I have been reading a new web novel recently called It is a practical story with a good timelined approach. It is seems to be a slow paced while one is solve own personal life issues.

Vaccine Joyce Booking

Booking have been available to Joyce age bracket.

Newyear, Vaccine, Teaching, Firstday, Fireworks, Gardens: Five for Friday

Friday of January 07, 2022

Celebrating New Year 2022. Child Vaccine. Jace just got his first vaccine shot, vaccine for Joyce age is not yet available. Teaching HTML for Papa wanted to learn web development. So im teaching him some html, and moving forward some scripting and css. First Day of School of Joyce 2022. We still need to adjust from the new norm. Bringing Joyce looks smooth but the daily adjustment still it's course. Fireworks in the new year celebration. Gardens by the Bay post christmas views.

Celebrating New Year 2022

Celebrating the new year with the right amount! Great way to start the year... Not excessive...

Child Vaccine

Jace just got his first vaccine shot, vaccine for Joyce age is not yet available...

First Day of School of Joyce 2022

Joyce is back to school...

Gardens by the Bay post christmas views

Welcome 2022. Rankaru Format Change

Saturday of January 01, 2022 to use resource from unsplashed.

I'm changing the blog format of my site to short content similar to existing social media account. This is make it more cohesive, precise and easy to write. This year will be with less work post and more on personal post, of course person post most like will include technical, geek stuff and likes. The new format will have single word tag like titles, and shorter contents.

Year End Looking Back 2021

Friday of December 31, 2021

The year was fast some are difficult, thing change, we move to different place, and see a different life.

  1. Joyce Grade 2 in the times of Pandemic
  2. Hopefully entry 2021 since the prospect of a vaccine will be distributed
  3. COVID life second Year
  4. End of May mom Died
  5. Moving house after years
  6. Vaccination is available for adults. We got vaccinated
  7. Reading alot of Japanese, Korean and Chinese light novels
  8. People leave the company due to stress and better opportunities
  9. Swimming after house transfer
  10. Started vblogging
  11. Unwell due to sugar rushes


Among Us, Jace Haircut, Primary one, Finest Assassin Reincarnated: Five for Friday

Thursday of December 02, 2021

Among us is popular this pandemic. Jace got his every other month haircut, there are good and bad haircut days. Joyce completing primary one. Reading another light novel, Finest Assassin got Reincarnated.

Among Us Craze

This violent game was one of the popular stuff during the pandemic...

The pandemic craze of playing among us. It transformed in the last 2 years. This is the google play link for among us among us link.

Jace Haircut in EC House

The challenge in getting a haircut...

Jace haircut days can be a challenge, normally we need to be prepared so that he won't be to irritated during the process.

Jace Growing Teeth

Late teeths, but likewise here they are...

A lot of things for Jace are abit late, definitely not due to nutrition "Jace is a big eater!" but because he is just like that. Over the years Jace have improved in his food selection. Now some of his teeth started to fall down and change.

Joyce Finishing Primary 1

A year is over and moving to the following years...

Honor roll!

Park outside the school, a year is over and it has been a great ride.

Christmas and Beer

Normally I don't drink alcohol these days but this one free from a food package...

Beer for christmas and one bottle is just for fun, it didn't have the enough kicks to get me the mood.

Room of Mirror and Lights

Compassone mirror and lights...

This one is in Compass One, just a small booth of neon lights and mirrors.

The World's Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat

Wiki of the Finest Assasin Reincarnated.

Anime: The World's Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat


Ikea, Eggs, Poppit, Antigen Test, Poppit, Birthday: Five for Friday

Friday of November 19, 2021

The Ikea over the weekend. Redmart fun eggs. Antigen test before going to school or work. My birthday.

Ikea to Buy Board

Dropping by Ikea to buy some peg boards...

Over the weekend our family have dropped by Ikea Singapore before Christmas.

Happy Eggs from Redmart

Eggs with smilely...

The redmart eggs is drawn with smilely faces.

Poppit Craze

Eye and hand coordination pop it..

This toys are quite good for eye and hand coordination.

Antigen Rapid Test Kits

Sneezy test kits, deep nose swab...

The ART is one of the requirements to go back to school or office. Both Joyce and I are taking the test once in a while to allow entry.

Crash Course: Big History 2

The playlist Big History 2.


Anniversary, Squid Game, Halloween, Voter, Children's Day, Outbreak: Five for Friday

Saturday of October 30, 2021

Our 10th Anniversary, time fly so fast with kids around and the different challenges here in Singapore. Another uneventful holloween month, with a lot of squid game costumes. We have also registered ourselves as overseas voters. This month children's day, despite the covid situation in school. Learn more about Outbreaks from Crash Course channel.

Our 10th Anniversary

Celebration our ten years of marriage...

We normally don't have a grand anniversary celebration. This photo was taken in botanic gardens a day before our anniversary. It was also the day when we went to the embassy to process voters registration, talk about efficiency!

Oh this is my first photo or at least my default photo on this site, it was taken during our wedding!

Take out the old CD which I performed a backup of our wedding video by threelogy. You can checkout our wedding On-Site Video on this vimeo link

Squid Game and Halloween

Alot of Squid Game Themed Halloween Costumes...

Social distanced halloween with protective suit or masked costumes. The Squid game theme is perfect for hiding the faces and

Voter Registration

My wife an I registered for next year's election. Registered to have a say on our country's future.

Painting is found in the Singapore Philippine Emabassy.

Children's Day

Children's day celebrated this month...

Joyce got this souvenirs from school. A basic mug with the school's name and logo attached to it.

Crash Course: Outbreak Science Preview

Playlist of Crash Course Outbreak Science Preview.


Settler, OSIM, Katrina Birthday, Renter, Outbreak: Five for Friday

Friday of September 24, 2021

Maybe it is not been good for Five for Friday write-ups recently due to the busy work schedule with shifting and adjustments. Likewise this are my thoughts this month. Ok September is the official month we have shifted to the new place, and returned the old keys to Bryan. We also bought a new massage chair. We celebrated my wife's birthday. My two-cents of renting in Singapore. Learn more of Crash Course Outbreak playlist.

Settling to the New Place

Decision are made based on the available information and resource known during that time it was made...

This month we have moved house. New place. A bit smaller size. Fits the family. Peaceful. New view. More freedom. Opposite us is La Fiesta and Luxury Condominuims.

OSIM Massage Chair

One of the expensive furniture we have aside from an iphone...

This new chair is comfortable and is effective in clearing body pains. The chair has been fully utilized, we get like every other day massage. Joyce also liked this new massage chair.

Katrina's Birthday

My wonderful wife's birthday! Another year of fun and challenges...

We celebrated my wife's birthday on the new place. It was fun it was different. THe place was smaller but our family is together so that what matters most.

Moving house thoughts as a Renter

Basically owning a house or renting out...

As long as the price of the house is fairly reasonable vs the rental rates. Definitely having a permanent house is much better. For us who are foreigners having a non-permanent address is quite normal. Shifting house is troublesome but it also give a new perspective in life or at least in daily life.

Gerry's Grille Goodies

Yummy food during Katrina's Birthday...

Crash Course: Outbreak Playlist

The current pandemic gave new insights, technology and sadness to alot of people during this generation...

A crash coarse insignt of how outbreaks work playlist of the science of outbreak


Sengkang Square Location, Pack Shift, Lala Move, Mama Birthday, Myths: Five for Friday

Friday of August 27, 2021

Lets see Sengkang square is really just beside the mall Compass one, Bus interchange and Sengkang MRT. Our new place is the most accessible place we have stayed in Singapore, unfortunately we were able to get to rent only around a less than 700sqft-ish flat.

Sengkang Square: Compass Heights Pros Location

New place and new home...

I have written some items about compass heights when I was searching a new place. This month is where we actually shifted house. So the first thing we enjoyed is the location. The place is really convinient for alot of things. Below the block is the mall compass one, two bus terminals (Sengkang and Compass)

Packing and Shifting

It took us a month of slow packing and less than 4 days of slow transfer...

The current 5 room flat is indeed big, with all our stuff I wouldn't be surprised that we took that much. We sold alot of items in carousell but still the amount we need to pack and transfer is really 8 years worth of stay. Shifting it was a mix of taxi and van type lalamovers. It was challenging and fun to say the least. It was a workout and a stressful period for me.

Lalamove: The one-stop movers and delivery personel

Moving house with the help of Lalamove...

Ok the photo is not from lalamover but another van beside mine. I didn't get the chance to take a photo since we are always on the rush to transfer stuff. Over lalamove is a great service.

Mama Birthday

She would have been 65 this year...

This month is mama's birthday August 7. I can't believe that she is gone. I have been away from home for a long time. I only go back one days once a year ever since I started working in Singapore. Life with mama when I was an adult was indeed short.

Crash Course: Earth Mothers and Rebellious Sons

Legends of mother earth...

Talking about Earth Mothers and their children. We'll start with Gaia, and her son Kronos, who had a classic childhood rebellion, and castrated his father. We'll also get into Kronos’s son Zeus, who would go on to dethrone his father. We’ll talk about Norse mythology, too, and look at the family that created the world, and worked together to make people.