Katrina's Birthday, Wuxia, Js13k no submission this year, Cityland / Camella homes: September-Month

Monday of September 30, 2019

Spent Katrina's Birthday in Batam. Continued reading The Great Ruler. Editing videos from Batam

  1. Katrina's Birthday
  2. Batam vacation, iBis hotel and Harris Barelang hotel
  3. Javascript: Wasnt able to submit this JS13k this year
  4. Wuxia: The Great Ruler
  5. Forkge: Some minor improvements
  6. Checked properties in the Philippines


Whisk and Paddle, Webtoons: August-Month

Friday of August 30, 2019

Quick and busy august

  1. Sold Samsung S10+ 128Gb in carousell
  2. Joyce bicycle practise and playground weekends
  3. Usual Place at Punggol's Whisk and Paddle
  4. Anime, Netflix: Kengan Ashura
  5. Korean Drama, Netflix: Black Knight
  6. Korean Drama, Netflix: Rookie Historian
  7. Webtoon: True Beauty
  8. Webtoon: My Deepest Secret
  9. Youtube: Tulfo
  10. Javascript: JS13k Gamejam, prepared some codes
  11. updated server, addeded cert for kosilog


House maintenance and fixtures, SBCC OT, Iphone 7+ Audio Chip: July-Month

Wednesday of July 31, 2019

House maintenance month! Light replacement and fixtures.

  1. Broken light balister, electrician to fix the place
  2. Broken shower did a replacement
  3. Broken toilet light
  4. House repair and maintenance items this month
  5. Meeting with Bryan and sorting house items
  6. Cleaning session and fixing session
  7. July is Joyce Birthday preparation and school activity
  8. Work with alot of user presentations and UAT support
  9. Iphone 7+ Audio Chip Broken
  10. Phone backup and reformating
  11. Jace Occupational Theraphy in SBCC
  12. Explored Amazon Correto
  13. Explored Redhat OpenJDK


Joyce 5th Birthday: Family for Friday

Thursday of July 18, 2019

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Joyce 5th Birthday PCF

Cleaning, Fixing, Code burn, Toronto Finals, Quiks, Qcoin, Quube, Weddings: June-Month

Sunday of June 30, 2019

Ok June is fully packed.

  1. Cleaning session and fixing session
  2. Rainy afternoons
  3. Checked Jolibee, Waterway Playroom for Jace Birthday
  4. Booked Stamford catering
  5. Preparing party stuff for Jace's Birthday
  6. Toronoto wins game 6 NBA
  7. Rapid video composition by Quiks GoPro
  8. Quube account and Qcoins
  9. Kusina ni Baste Pinoy food caterer in SG
  10. Sore throat due to the weather and season
  11. Borderline Cholesterol
  12. Performance rating month
  13. Raspberry Pi 4
  14. Pierre's Weddding
  15. Peter's Wedding
  16. Jace Birthday