Promote, Amy Speech, Migration, Dokkodo: Five for Friday

Friday of June 25, 2021

Days are quite fast. By the way I got the promotion this year! Yahoo it is something we celebrated as family. I was deciding to look for another job but luckly the promotion was announced this year. I am salary man and a family man as well lol. I have been reading or listening to the audio book of the Overloard series. The voice translation is really good and I have decided to find out the source. This weeks is nothing but deployment and migration. Just got this from youtube on Musashi dokkodo, life hacks.

Chinese New Year 2021: Throwback 360

This year's Chinese New Year mall snap...

This year is still basically isolating ourselves at home so either we just dropped by the mall or walked around our block.

Amy Speech

Voice translation is really great

The Overlord light novel im listening to was voice by Amy

Deployment and migration

My work is assorted from dev, support and ba roles.

There is a huge deployment on my side during this weeks. The first deployment went smoothly hopefully the upcoming days is also good.

Dokkodo: 21 Rules For Life by Miyamoto Musashi

This is a few tips to guide the way you might want to live your life...


Phase 2 Heightened Alert, Father's Day, Rental Increase, OOP vs Functional: Five for Friday

Friday of June 11, 2021

Some photo throwbacks around Singapore during the COVID period. Im writing this during the SG lockdown of phase 2 heightened alert, basically iy is li

Cheng Lim: Throwback 360

Cheng Lim LRT during the first year of COVID...

A 360 photo while moving around SG during the COVID period. Visited unpopular places. We considered parks and open areas, local to the community and with less crowded transportation.

Phase 2 heightened alert

We have been doing this phases and alert for the past 2 years, most are getting used to the new norm...

It is already almost the end of the Phase 2 heightened alert here in Singapore and will gradually move to Phase 3 on the next few days. Details of the measure is in the screenshot, basically it is like a circuit breaker they just don't want to do the full lockdown, but basically restricting dining and major services it basically locks everyone down to their homes.

Father's Day

We honor our fathers on father's day...

Happy fathers day for Papa and Tatay Chito.

Rental market increases this year

Due to the recent measure the prices of properties went up...

The probable key factors why are condo hdb rents rising.

Continuous Delivery: Object Oriented Programming vs Functional Programming

Insight and history of OOP and Functional programming...

As a software engineer we always go through this OOP and Functional programming paradigm. Getting work with different languages and Java as my mainstream career stack


Good Bye Mama, Rest Well

Friday of June 04, 2021

Life is short and knowing something ends and no going back, it just sucks...

Mama died May 31 in the hospital while doing her dialysis. My brother was there assisting mama on her dialysis. I was sad, the last time I talked with her was 2020 Christmas. The last time I had a long conversation with her was 2019 Christmas. Do I have any regret, this is something I asked myself. Have I said thank you and I love you enough? Would I wished I have more time to talk to her? Mama's burial was Friday June 4. Her eulogy was done June 3.

Before I forget I'll try to list my rough memories of her. It is hard to dig memories if one is not drunk. I have poor long term memory.

OWASP Project Dependency Check, Server-side Request Forgery, Din Tai Fung Tbt, Microservices: Five for Friday

Friday of May 28, 2021

During this lock down or aka heightened alert we really don't go out much. Really working and cooking at home is the norm. So I'll just throw out some photos as throw backs during time we are more free to go outside.

Din Tai Fung Dinings: Throwback 360

Eating is our hobby, DIn Tai Fung is one of our favorite restaurant...

Din Tai Fung is our favorite restaurant for its fried rice, dumpling, xiao long bao and others. It is even our favorite grab food to be delivered. Eating here is like casually eating in a fast food. We roughly spend $50-70 per dining for the 4 of us. Yes the 4 of us since Jace and Joyce also like eating here with the rice and noodles. They have one of the best fried rice in the industry.

OWASP Project Dependency Check

Our project do require us to scan the entire library against OWASP project dependency...

Working on security and vunerabilites this past few months. I just want to highlight one of the dependency check that we use aside from doing sonarqube, fortify and nexusiq scanns, we also need to do this dependency check on top of all of it

Server-side Request Forgery (SSRF)

Similar to the last entry, SSRF is always buggy every project once in a while...

Fixing library related SSRF is abit common, doing upgrades and all. Although we have placed a check and our project is not vulenerable we are still flagged for using old libraries. More about ssrf is indicated here

Continuous Delivery: The Problem With Microservices

Microservices are one of the most popular modern architectural approaches, but they are much more complicated to do well than most organisations think. So what is Microservices Architecture, what is it for...

This new channel that I have been folllowing is really cool, at least for a software developer like me. Getting insights from older people is really the best.


Heritage Online School, India Covid Variant, Heightened Alert, Israel Palestinian Conflict: Five for Friday

Friday of May 21, 2021

Due to the recent heightened alert from the covid situation in Singapore most schools shifted again to online learning. Alot of schools are getting COVID positive students and the community cases are increasing causing the uncertainty. The govt seems to be doing its best to react fast enough to contain the new Indian COVID variant from spreading within Singapore. On top of the COVID issue, Israel Tel Aviv was attacked and in turn they did a counter attack causing casualties and unrest within the region.

Heritage Online School

Online schooling not worth it, going to school is still the best...

For the next few weeks Joyce will be on online schooling, due to the COVID situation here in Singapore. Hopefully by July things will be back to normal since tuition is quite hefty if the teachings will be entirely online.

India Covid Variant

A more contagious varian is spreading and people should practise the proper distancing measures...

Covid-19 India variant known as B.1.617.2 has been spreading like wildfire.

Singapore Phase 2 Heightened Alert

Community cases are getting up and things are looking bad which triggered this alert level...

Situation is ok for now but is getting bad as more unaccounted community cases are rising. The actions are timely and reactive, but I believe it is the correct decision to do so.

Israel Palestinian Conflict

Civilians dying with conflicts, some items are just hard to resolved specially social differences. I don't know much of the conflict but I hope they case settle to an agreement, it is for the population that doesn't want war.

Crash Course: Conflict in Israel and Palestine History

This video was 6 years ago and some of its details are still relevant today to understand the conflict...


COVIDs Scans, Shop Titans, Shield Hero, Mother's Day Jace Straw Bottle, Heian Period: Five for Friday

Friday of May 07, 2021

It is just the start of May and some of the work from April have overflowed this month. Luckly I have a time to write this during the Eid al-Fitr Muslim Holiday. Ok COVID19 still lingers around Singapore and community cases started to spike up. The new Indian variant spreads faster compared to the initial strain. I also tried to pick-up a new merchant game called Shop Titans. I also started to read another light novel which was "The Rising of the Shield Hero", I used to read it's manga but it was abit short during that time. The lightnovel pacing and details is definitly much better that the manga. It was Mothers' Day last Sunday and we order Maxx, eating is really our hobby. Jace also started to drink from the straw bottle this month. Last time he is always rejecting the Ark Bear Straw Bottle that we bought. Now it is much better and he started sucking the guide straw. I have also started to watch a Netflix Age of the Samurai episodes, at the same time I am sharing a different period of Japan via Crash Coarse History.

COVID Temperature Scans

This is second year of COVID, humor is really affected...

I took this photo after bringing Joyce' to school. Buying banana from Fairprice and going back home. I should take a better photo next time, it was actually a video that I rushed to take.

Shop Titans

This game is addictive with small rewards and incremental growths which keeps you on playing it...

This game Shop Titans is addictive and is well-balanced as a game. You can get tempted to do in-app purchase but overall the game is not a pay to win game. It is more like a single player game with incremental growth. The 3d design is cool and well thought off.

The Rising of the Shield Hero

A light novel that tackles discrimination, false character and strenght in hate...

Overall the novel is a nice read, the pacing is just ok and although there a couple of fillers things are still entertaining. The main character is discrimated being a sheild hero and things just went downhill from there.

Labor Day and Eid al-Fitr Holidays'

Holiday and Day for a Break...

Nothing much but is always good to have a holiday! Though a I was writing this I have read that Israel capital just got bomb by Palistine rebels.

Mother's Day

Happy time eating with mommy...

Photo not really celebrated during the Mother's Day but last month when we went to Labrador Park. Things might get crazy and tough, but this day should always be celebrated in honor of our parents or guardians that took care of us. Being mother is not just a biological nature but a word that represents people we value as someone you gave their lives to take care of us.

Jace Drinking in the Straw Bottle

Yea-bah! Jace is now drinking through Ark Bear Straw Bottle, it might not be perform yet, but still it is a great improvement. The product is really good, it really helps Jace have the lop locked and it is hard enough not for him to chew it.

Crash Course: Japan in the Heian Period and Cultural History

After watching for Netflix Age of the Samurai which has alot of discrepancy I just suddenly recall the Crash Course History of Japan in the Heian Period.


April Fools, Vblog, Beginning After the End, Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody, Emotion, Stress, and Health : Five for Friday

Friday of April 30, 2021

April fools on the first day of the month. It was also the lenten season with one holiday on good friday. This I remember when I wrote this blog was it was Tristan's and Tina's birthday. There was a Construct 3 april fools. I read a few Isekai web novels one was short and the other was boring. I started video bloging or more like a video diary.

April Fools

Covid shows how foolish some government leaders are and took the best of people and society...

No big Jokes this year due to the bad COVID situation. Countries are in a bad situation, it has been a year and things did progress by having a vaccine ready. Alot don't have a job, one would be lucky to have one. Cruise, Airline and Service industry are heavy impacted. IT is on the trend since technology is adaptive and efficiency booster.

Video Blogging

Started doing adhoc 3 minute video blogs...

I have started to do random adhoc video blogs that are around 3 minutes each. I think I just did 2 as of this writing, we'll see how much I can create within the year!

Beginning After the End

A non-japanese Isekai which shows topic about politics and people...

A western non-japanese Isekai type of stories. The main character was from one fictitious Earth world into another game like world. It is not a light hearted and more of a real fun emotional plots. External characters die and the main character aint the perfect type. Overall the storytelling can get confusing specially if do the perspective change, also the character names is quite hard to recall. I have completed reading it until the most accessible volume, waiting to read its future episodes maybe after a year or two. Check out Beginning After the End Wiki.

Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

Isekai when a game developer is transported to the game he was working on...

Started reading another Isekai this month, since BATE have been abit short. Just a quick background of this story, the MC is a game developer from Japan who teleported to the game he partially developed. The pacing is abit slow, alot of talking and very few action. Stopped reading it after volume 2 since I got a bit bored reading it. Check its information in the link Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody Wiki.

Crash Course: Psychology Emotion, Stress, and Health

Understating our own body is the one of the greatest power to achieve our goals in life...


HP Screen Broken, Mushoku Tensei Ending, Life is Short, Light & Gravity In Einstein's Relativity: Five for Friday

Wednesday of March 31, 2021

Broke my work laptop lcd screen after being squeezed with a headset in-between. It was saddening that we would be losing some of our savings due to carelessness. I have been preparing the items for devnet and security migrations. I have binged watch on Mushoku Tensei and finshed it in a few days, overall im giving it a recommended score. Reading through Mushoku Tensei is quite satisfying from the start to its ending.

Broke My HP Work Laptop LCD Screen

Jace broke it but it was my mistake why it ended that way...

It is easy to blame someone but actually most of the time our action do leads up to certain consequences. I accidentally left my ear headset on top of the laptop keyboard, and Jace just brutely closed it obviously it crack! crack!. I just threw $300 dollars due to my carelessness. It wasn't Jace fault, it was my responsibility and my actions resulting to such outcome.

Mushoku Tensei Ending

This novel is something I felt too rushed in the end, but overall the details and ending has betterly touched reality...

Just typical person with extra ordinary fate. This book is conforting, reflective and truly something I would recommend to read as a past time book. The main character is real, pratical and rational. The decision made is reasonable and the emotions he felt is not exaggerated but resonably justified.

Life is Short

Ok this year I'm nearing 40. and that is alot of years...

Dropping a keywords that I can recall in 1988: Mother Goose Pre-School
1989: Legend of Zelda, Mario, Rush Attack, Kid Icarus
1990: Stayed in Cityland on Summer
1991: Started studying in LSGH
1993: Started going to Bicol every Summer
1994: SNES, Holen, XMen cards
1997: Played Magic the Gathering
1998: Gundam Wing, Escaflone, Crush
1999: My Playstation. FF, Legaia, Monster Rancher
2000: Moving to the 3rd Millennium
2002: Started attending college
2003: Ragnarok Online/ DOTA
2004: Dating my only girlfriend and future wife
2006: Grad College Started working
2007: Worked in HP. Java
2008: First Airplane to Bohol
2010: Worked in Singapore. LDR.
2011: Lolo Died. Got married
2012: Jace was born
2014: Joyce was born
2018: Travels - Indonesia, Malaysia, Hongkong
2020: Covid19
2021: This year reflecting

PBS Spacetime: Light & Gravity In Einstein's Relativity

We know that gravity exerts its pull on light, and we have an explanation for why. Actually, we have multiple explanations that all predict the same thing. And at first glance, these explanations seem to describe completely different causes. So what is the true connection between light and gravity, or is truth, in fact, entirely relative?