Singapore Baby Fair, Darius Birthday, Taal Volcano Explosion,Oracle Sequences : Five for Friday

Friday of January 17, 2020

Picking up a new stroller for Jace ain't easy. Jace is getting heavier and longer. We tried a few times to drop the idea of not having a stroller but it seems we still could not do without it. We also attended Darius Birthday Party on a Sunday at same time Taal Volcano exploded that afternoon.

This weeks' news about the Taal Volcano eruption is endless. The damage reached Laguna, Cavite and Batangas. Our country despite having a lot of disasters, still couldn't sort things out properly. Problems and practise makes you prepared, but for the Philippines it makes people complacent and indifferent.

Baby Fair - Jace's New Stroller

A new and bigger stroller for Jace...

It has been a long time since Kat and I went to a baby fair singapore babyfair mummysmarket. Obviously we don't have a next baby, we drop by to get a new bigger stroller for Jace. It took us a few round choosing from Graco, Chicco and Joie. The criteria is light, bigger support capacity, longer length and price. After considering all the options we ended up buying Chicco Key Fit 30, Trio Stroller.

The Chicco Key Fit basically can carry upto 24kg by specs but can strech for +10-15kg more, the hieght fits well for a 7 years old kids. Stroller alone is around 9kg, not the lightest but we just can't have it all. Wheels are quite good and feels light. Center of weight is good and has 4 milk or drink holders.

Darius 7th Birthday

Cyrus eldest kid, Darius 7th Birthday...

It was a kids party with a limited invited guest. Joyce enjoyed the Birthday Party with Tony the Clown and his games and antics. It was a breezed weekend, the party was on a Sunday night.

Taal Volcano Eruption

The eruption that cripped the immediate south of Metro Manila...

My personal take on this one concerns my family, hopefully the eruption wouldn't reach Manila badly. I have always reminded them to take pre-caution but sometime my family is really terrible in preparing and addressing worst case scenarios. The details of the eruption is everywhere and no need for me to put it in detail. One ca refer to the CNN pages.

Oracle Cache Nodes

Oracle sequence caching in the multiple nodes...

This week I was a victim of an old grumpy dba for my database node sequence ingnorance. I don't feel bad about his scolding it is just that he didn't handle stress quite well. I really feel bad for him for having such a bad mood on suchc age. I just thought he have a bad knee and is really painful for him to drop by our data center. To share note my ignorance I just tag a stackover flow note Oracle RAC and Sequences. Normally table data values should be the same between different nodes in a databases, except for sequence tables. No node can have the same sequence value if we define a sequence cache.

Tech Lead: Things to be Aware Before Getting into Software Developemnt

Like most crazy youtubers, tech lead vlogs are both hilarious, entertaining, sarcastic and technical...

Very often people asked me the same question, can anyone become a software developer by sheer effort. Something like can anyone become a decent entry level craftsman, graphic artist, factory worker orbhelper to get a decent job. Well I say yeah, sure if you try hard enough you can definitely get a software development job. The learning curve might be steep, but with effort you can definitely cross that mountain. The real question is are people willing to cross that mountain?

Excude professions that requires high gene physical requirement and professions that require steep family connection. One can a software engineer with effort and practise. If you really want to be a dev, it is not impossible to be one and the resources in the internet is so large. The industry has a lot of niches and quirks, that one can easily queeze in the market.


Happy New Year 2020, First Day in School and Kallang Wave : Five for Friday

Friday of January 10, 2020

First week of 2020 and First Entry for Rankaru Blogs. This year I will attempt to write more life blogs, as well as blogs related to my hobby projects. Started the year with great fireworks, hopefully it also go through with a bang of blessings.

Hopefully this year I can go through with a few of the left over project from last year. Check out my game web sites Jyoru Games and Pinoypixel, I promise this year I would puting in some decent content for my kids to play with.

I am also pushing Forkge Application that targets to be deployed mid of this year. Basically Forkge is a interfacing application for my consumption and for my future projects.

Another pushed back project, is the Godstwilight Project, it is an online multiplayer game with an infinitely sized auto-generated world. Basically the game has some machine learning algorithm, that aids the growth of the simulated world. I don't even know whether I can release this project this year, but I'll attempt to deploy some mock version.

Happy New Year

Enjoyed the fireworks in the side of Marina Square...

Celebrated the new year by taking dinner and snacks in Marina Sqaure, then watching some fireworks and drone light display.

In the morning how else to celebrate the new year other than doing a house cleaning with my wife and kids. We decided not to go anywhere else and just sort and clean things in the house. We have cleared the stock room, living room, toilet and sorts. My daughter is busying playing her new paw patrols and piano. Jace would follow his usual routine in meals, watching tv and going around the house for the toys.

First Day of School

Like most students in Singapore January 2 is their first day of school...

Joyce first day of school for K1 Compassvale PCF Sparkletots. Still adjusting to our morning schedule, luckly the school is insanely near our block.

Kallang Wave on the Weekend

Been in SG for several years but it is our first time to drop by Stadium and Kallang Wave Mall...

A sport entusiast oriented mall check out its wiki Kallang Wave Mall. Enjoyed walking by the river and grab a few bits from Astons and Ayam Penyet.

CES 2020

Comsumer Electronics of Sorts...

Another exciting year in CES 2020. Things I liked about this CES are the following:

  1. Insta360 One R Engadget Review. I am an avid 360 video and photo consumer so knowing they have a new product has a nice feel to it. They accept pre-order that is planned to ship on late February. I have always imagined a modular camera, hopefully this camera can live up to its market expectation.
  2. AMD Ryzen summary keynote from Engadget. At last another jab by AMD to Intel line up. It is always good to see competition in any free market.
  3. Dell Concept UFO article for this portable gaming device ny engadget.

Ru Piano Gundam Wing Intro

Gundam Wing is one of my most memorable childhood anime intro...

This week I want to share a Taiwanese youtuber that plays, tune and cover popular anime songs. Most of he post are in Chinese so might need a google translate to do some of the heavy lifting.

You can get the music sheet in this link, this could help RuRu finance her activites.


Christmas 2019 Singapore : December-Month

Tuesday of December 31, 2019

This year have been really fast. A few write ups in this blog and few plans not push this year due to a busy schedule.

  1. Christmas in Singapore
  2. Singapore SEA during Christmas
  3. Andrew started staying in our flat
  4. New Year in Marina Square
  5. Packing of gifts for my officemates
  6. Bought gives for ourselves
  7. Paw Patrol toy month for Joyce
  8. Financed year is ok
  9. Joyce have a new Piano
  10. A good year for us
  11. Annular Solar Eclipse last Dec 26


Renew Let's Encrypt Certificate

Tuesday of December 03, 2019

Configure auto renewal of Renewing certificate, unfortunately this command requires you to bring down your apache service for a few seconds.

certbot-auto certonly --standalone --preferred-challenges http -d

Manila Christmas Vacation : November-Month

Saturday of November 30, 2019

It has been a fast month before Christmas. Did a lot of this and clear alot of items both at work and at home. Most of our vacation ended in doing medical check-up and theraphy sessions.

  1. Kar Hoe resigned this month
  2. Early Christmas Vacation
  3. Jace Theraphy Sessions
  4. My birthday month
  5. Long hand over before the break