Cleaning, Fixing, Code burn, Toronto Finals, Quiks, Qcoin, Quube, Weddings: June-Month

Sunday of June 30, 2019

Ok June is fully packed.

  1. Cleaning session and fixing session
  2. Rainy afternoons
  3. Checked Jolibee, Waterway Playroom for Jace Birthday
  4. Booked Stamford catering
  5. Preparing party stuff for Jace's Birthday
  6. Toronoto wins game 6 NBA
  7. Rapid video composition by Quiks GoPro
  8. Quube account and Qcoins
  9. Kusina ni Baste Pinoy food caterer in SG
  10. Sore throat due to the weather and season
  11. Borderline Cholesterol
  12. Performance rating month
  13. Raspberry Pi 4
  14. Pierre's Weddding
  15. Peter's Wedding
  16. Jace Birthday


Marina Barrage Kite flying with Lola Noemi: Family for Friday

Saturday of June 22, 2019

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#insta360onex #joycekirsten #jacekevin #marinabarrage #kite #kiteflying

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Marina Barrage Kite flying with Lola Noemi

Changi Jewel, Birthday Celebration, Universal Studio, New Projects: May-Month

Friday of May 31, 2019

All sort of things this month. Just trying out to push things out.

  1. Changi Airport Jewel on Labor Day
  2. Marco Birthday in Pasir Ris
  3. Universal Studio, Singapore Season Pass 3rd time
  4. Read a few chapters of Battle Through the Heavens
  5. Urgent emergency deployment due to once in a bluemoon Oracle Bug
  6. Shopped new LCD writepad for Joyce, Xiaomi Mi earbuds, Xiaomi Steam iron and compact robot vacuum
  7. Added jsfiddle for grocery utility calculations
  8. Chu Qing's son 6th birthday
  9. Universal Studio
  10. Sengkang Sports Complex new park
  11. Mike will be leaving the house, finding new tenants
  12. Found a new tenant after a week
  13. Work trying to sort the messy area
  14. Bought Ark Theraphy for Jace
  15. Got Franks Card
  16. Interested to join Js13k
  17. Interested to join Gamee


Mt Emily Park near Plazasing: Family for Friday

Friday of May 10, 2019

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Playing in the park at night #mountemilypark #jacekevin #joycekirsten #insta360 #insta360onex #insta360family

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Mt. Emily Park near Plaza Singapura with Family

Major deployment, BTTH, Holy Week, Fasting, Singtel Touching lives: April-Month

Tuesday of April 30, 2019

Two major deployments this month 1st and 22nd of April. Preparations, meeting on projects and maintenance. Tons for Wuxia BTTH readings during the free time. Singtel community work.

  1. Major deployment start of the Month.
  2. Holy week fasting, not really
  3. Read a few chapters of Battle Through the Heavens
  4. Another major deployment end of the Month
  5. Good Friday Holiday, cleaning day in the stock room
  6. Singtel touching lives 2019
  7. Coded alot for new pstahl
  8. Coordinated and tested mobiprint solutions and products
  9. Joyce was approved to attend the morning class
  10. Manual renew for the Let Encrypt Certificate