Anniversary, Squid Game, Halloween, Voter, Children's Day, Outbreak: Five for Friday

Saturday of October 30, 2021

Working on the blog for this week.


Settler, OSIM, Katrina Birthday, Renter, Outbreak: Five for Friday

Friday of September 24, 2021

Maybe it is not been good for Five for Friday write-ups recently due to the busy work schedule with shifting and adjustments. Likewise this are my thoughts this month. Ok September is the official month we have shifted to the new place, and returned the old keys to Bryan. We also bought a new massage chair. We celebrated my wife's birthday. My two-cents of renting in Singapore. Learn more of Crash Course Outbreak playlist.

Settling to the New Place

Decision are made based on the available information and resource known during that time it was made...

This month we have moved house. New place. A bit smaller size. Fits the family. Peaceful. New view. More freedom. Opposite us is La Fiesta and Luxury Condominuims.

OSIM Massage Chair

One of the expensive furniture we have aside from an iphone...

This new chair is comfortable and is effective in clearing body pains. The chair has been fully utilized, we get like every other day massage. Joyce also liked this new massage chair.

Katrina's Birthday

My wonderful wife's birthday! Another year of fun and challenges...

We celebrated my wife's birthday on the new place. It was fun it was different. THe place was smaller but our family is together so that what matters most.

Moving house thoughts as a Renter

Basically owning a house or renting out...

As long as the price of the house is fairly reasonable vs the rental rates. Definitely having a permanent house is much better. For us who are foreigners having a non-permanent address is quite normal. Shifting house is troublesome but it also give a new perspective in life or at least in daily life.

Gerry's Grille Goodies

Yummy food during Katrina's Birthday...

Crash Course: Outbreak Playlist

The current pandemic gave new insights, technology and sadness to alot of people during this generation...

A crash coarse insignt of how outbreaks work playlist of the science of outbreak


Sengkang Square Location, Pack Shift, Lala Move, Mama Birthday, Myths: Five for Friday

Friday of August 27, 2021

Lets see Sengkang square is really just beside the mall Compass one, Bus interchange and Sengkang MRT. Our new place is the most accessible place we have stayed in Singapore, unfortunately we were able to get to rent only around a less than 700sqft-ish flat.

Sengkang Square: Compass Heights Pros Location

New place and new home...

I have written some items about compass heights when I was searching a new place. This month is where we actually shifted house. So the first thing we enjoyed is the location. The place is really convinient for alot of things. Below the block is the mall compass one, two bus terminals (Sengkang and Compass)

Packing and Shifting

It took us a month of slow packing and less than 4 days of slow transfer...

The current 5 room flat is indeed big, with all our stuff I wouldn't be surprised that we took that much. We sold alot of items in carousell but still the amount we need to pack and transfer is really 8 years worth of stay. Shifting it was a mix of taxi and van type lalamovers. It was challenging and fun to say the least. It was a workout and a stressful period for me.

Lalamove: The one-stop movers and delivery personel

Moving house with the help of Lalamove...

Ok the photo is not from lalamover but another van beside mine. I didn't get the chance to take a photo since we are always on the rush to transfer stuff. Over lalamove is a great service.

Mama Birthday

She would have been 65 this year...

This month is mama's birthday August 7. I can't believe that she is gone. I have been away from home for a long time. I only go back one days once a year ever since I started working in Singapore. Life with mama when I was an adult was indeed short.

Crash Course: Earth Mothers and Rebellious Sons

Legends of mother earth...

Talking about Earth Mothers and their children. We'll start with Gaia, and her son Kronos, who had a classic childhood rebellion, and castrated his father. We'll also get into Kronos’s son Zeus, who would go on to dethrone his father. We’ll talk about Norse mythology, too, and look at the family that created the world, and worked together to make people.


Joyce Birthday, Mi Box S, Condo Compass Heights. Joyce Tooth, Taste Smell: Five for Friday

Friday of July 30, 2021

Its Joyce Birthday Month. Bought a Mi Box S android tv. Decided to shift house. Joyce had her first tooth removed. Also sharing items about Taste & Smell in Crash Course. It has been a challeging month for Joyce and for us. This month Joyce returned to school after the long holiday.

Joyce Birthday, Time of Celebration

A moving up year for Joyce...

This age is quite important traditionally for families in the Philippines. Celebration, parties and kid games are held to welcome this age. Just to share as an anime and japanese culture entusiast this year will also be a Shichi Go San celebration for Joyce.

Mi Box S: Small and Powerful TV Box

Purchased this one because we don't want a singtel tv...

The goal is to drop Singtel TV but in the end we still kept it as we miss TFC / GMA TV. This Mi Box S is quite useful and faster than our usual chromecast.

Condominium Compass Heights

We transferred and signed the contract this month! Hopefully the new place is homee for us.

Joyce Tooth Extraction

First tooth falling of is a sign of moving up...

Joyce had her first tooth extraction at TSD Dental Clinic in Hougang. My son's tooth fell off last month, and my daughter 2 years ealier than my son. This just show the difference in physique between with a boy and girl and a person with down syndrome.

Crash Course: Taste & Smell

For some life is really about what we eat...


Jace Birthday, Slime Reincarnated, Java Security, Mama moving, Philosophy Life and Death: Five for Friday

Sunday of June 27, 2021

It is Jace Birthday Month! I have been reading some isekai titled Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken. Going through Java security check list as part of work.

Jace 9th Birthday

Another year of life, a year of celebration...

Jace just turned 9 this year! He is 9 years old, we do try to give him the best things and training within our ability. We might have some gaps specially now that is COVID but hopefully we can do better this year.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Another slightly overpowered Isekai...

One of the interesting Isekai novels I have read in a while. The first time I saw this was in Netflix anime and then pursued reading the light novel. Check the web novel here Webnovel and the blog on this link Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken.

Java Security

Java security code guidelines...

All practising professional developers should conform to some security standard. At least for Java oracle produced this guideline when building systems. Java SE Security Code Guideline

A Month Mama Passed

It has been a month since mama passed away...

Passing and not seeing someone and hearing them again is very hard. For the past few years of leaving Philippines I have decided to make a mindset that I won't be able to see mama again after all the operations she had been through. It is hard, but there is acceptance that each of one will die eventually and ensure that we make the best out of life.

Crash Course: Assisted Death & the Value of Life: Crash Course Philosophy

Science help us better appreciate life and understand its significance...

Crash Course: What Is God Like: Crash Course Philosophy

Science help us better appreciate life and understand its significance...


Promote, Amy Speech, Migration, Dokkodo: Five for Friday

Friday of June 25, 2021

Days are quite fast. By the way I got the promotion this year! Yahoo it is something we celebrated as family. I was deciding to look for another job but luckly the promotion was announced this year. I am salary man and a family man as well lol. I have been reading or listening to the audio book of the Overloard series. The voice translation is really good and I have decided to find out the source. This weeks is nothing but deployment and migration. Just got this from youtube on Musashi dokkodo, life hacks.

Chinese New Year 2021: Throwback 360

This year's Chinese New Year mall snap...

This year is still basically isolating ourselves at home so either we just dropped by the mall or walked around our block.

Amy Speech

Voice translation is really great

The Overlord light novel im listening to was voice by Amy

Deployment and migration

My work is assorted from dev, support and ba roles.

There is a huge deployment on my side during this weeks. The first deployment went smoothly hopefully the upcoming days is also good.

Dokkodo: 21 Rules For Life by Miyamoto Musashi

This is a few tips to guide the way you might want to live your life...


Phase 2 Heightened Alert, Father's Day, Rental Increase, OOP vs Functional: Five for Friday

Friday of June 11, 2021

Some photo throwbacks around Singapore during the COVID period. Im writing this during the SG lockdown of phase 2 heightened alert, basically iy is li

Cheng Lim: Throwback 360

Cheng Lim LRT during the first year of COVID...

A 360 photo while moving around SG during the COVID period. Visited unpopular places. We considered parks and open areas, local to the community and with less crowded transportation.

Phase 2 heightened alert

We have been doing this phases and alert for the past 2 years, most are getting used to the new norm...

It is already almost the end of the Phase 2 heightened alert here in Singapore and will gradually move to Phase 3 on the next few days. Details of the measure is in the screenshot, basically it is like a circuit breaker they just don't want to do the full lockdown, but basically restricting dining and major services it basically locks everyone down to their homes.

Father's Day

We honor our fathers on father's day...

Happy fathers day for Papa and Tatay Chito.

Rental market increases this year

Due to the recent measure the prices of properties went up...

The probable key factors why are condo hdb rents rising.

Continuous Delivery: Object Oriented Programming vs Functional Programming

Insight and history of OOP and Functional programming...

As a software engineer we always go through this OOP and Functional programming paradigm. Getting work with different languages and Java as my mainstream career stack


Good Bye Mama, Rest Well

Friday of June 04, 2021

Life is short and knowing something ends and no going back, it just sucks...

Mama died May 31 in the hospital while doing her dialysis. My brother was there assisting mama on her dialysis. I was sad, the last time I talked with her was 2020 Christmas. The last time I had a long conversation with her was 2019 Christmas. Do I have any regret, this is something I asked myself. Have I said thank you and I love you enough? Would I wished I have more time to talk to her? Mama's burial was Friday June 4. Her eulogy was done June 3.

Before I forget I'll try to list my rough memories of her. It is hard to dig memories if one is not drunk. I have poor long term memory.