This section describes some of my personal works, projects, snips and sorts. My corporate projects are not mentioned or discussed in any of my blog post, if you have some interest in my corporate profile please refer to my public linkedin account. For indie-game related projects, refer to jyoru games or pinoypixel websites. For github projects, personal supported website and indie-game prototypes I have a few items listed below.

Do you want to try out a reliable Virtual Private Server that is not AWS, try out Digital Ocean with my referral link. If you want a high speed low cost static website, checkout Netlify for your needs.

Codes and Snippets

If you are looking for some of my personal coded works, please visit my github page at github | joeyapa or for adhoc vanillajs at jsfiddle | joeyapa.


Minor active projects and hobbies.

Indie Games

I have created a separate indie game development website, It features my game development struggles, goals and plans.