Jsfiddle: Javascript Snippet

Summary of simple task and scripts used for my daily life. Added in jsfiddle for convenience purposes, Joey's Jsfiddles.

Quube Coin Calculator

Qoo10 has a block chain coin system, this is a simple coin converter and saving from normal cash rate.

Product Price Comparator Calculator

Just compare two products with different packed units, identify which one is cheaper per unit price.

Grocery Calculator

Basic grocery calculator, it simply adds all my items and computes for the total sum.

Unix Permission Calculator

Basic unix permission and umask calculator. This came in handy at times that I forget the permission values, or I used this just to double check some items for review.

Percentage Calculator

Basic percentage calculator, once in a while I always compute for the percentage difference rate of increase or decrease of certain stats.

Pixel Aspect Ratio

Computes for the aspect ratio based on the target height or width.