Soul Land 4, Kids Room, Migration, Agitated: Five for Friday

Friday of May 29, 2020

Started reading soul land 4. Planning for stuff in the kids room. Busy with the library upgrade and migration. Sometimes speaking stuff when one is hungry or not in a mood results to a terrible conversation.

Soul Land 4: Final Douluo

The fourth book of the Soul Land Series...

I am reading Soul Land 4 in machine translation by lnmtl: douluo dalu 4 final douluo. It is more like a continutation of Soul Land 3, but the story revolved on the kid of Tang Wulin (Son of Tang San, Inheritor of the Golden Dragon Bloodline) and Gu Yuena (Soul Beast in Human Form, Silver Dragon King). Wulin and Yuena still appears in Soul Land 4 but with memory loss. This fourth part is really exciting, and I can easily comprehend the events that took place during the previous book.

Kids Room. Covid Face Shield.

Getting one of the rooms for the kids, bought face sheild and a couple of mask...

We are planning to clear out one of the rooms for the kids to use. We also wanted to reduce the risk of more people moving inside the house. We bought a face sheild for Joyce and Jace usage. A room basically cost an additional $700 per month on us, at first we feel the loss. Either way we just think that we are a big family now and as part of being a big family here in Singapore we need to rent more space for the kids. We can also think that in is an insurance cost or loss that we need to cover. It is just a part of the expenditures of having a family. Worst case we just need to find another person to cover it or find another flat in the future.

Tech Refresh Migration Spring Hibernate Jsf Webglogic

This the real pain in my task, migration a legacy system to a new one...

If you have a fixed immovable deadline the only way to finish it is through overtime. If the you're estimates are rejected and the schedule is forced upon you, then you ended up having no option but to compelete it. If you hated it then switch job, sometimes you just get this trouble task once is while.

Basically we need to upgrade from Weblogic 10g to 12c. Java 7 to 8. Oracle BPM, Oracle OSB and all sort of our interfaces. No value is added except for the extension of the support, some minor fixes that dont really affect us. This kind of things and activities, the cost and time is not worth the value.


Just don't speak, more words doesn't solve anything...

Busy life often leads to bad arguments over simple stuffs. The more you say things, the more things gets complicated. A good relationship do really require when to shutup and just absorb the nags.

Crash Course: Depressive and Bipolar Disorders #30

Knowing and understanding other and one's self is key for a successful relationship...

Understand others it the key.