Next Hack, Default Java Linux, Find Java Process, Value Proposition and Customer Segments: Five for Friday

Friday of May 22, 2020

NCS next hack we won a consolation prize of four, $80 grab vouchers. The next hack consolation prize is not bad given the effort spent. Switching my default java version in linux, ok I can call the bin/java directly but it is cool if I want it as a default. I don't have anything to write so I just place an overly used GREP and FIND command. Being a technical lead in the team is hard and cool.

Next Hack

Converting your basic thermal scanner...

It was a busy month. We lacked a cool idea. We made a simple prototype and a lousy presentation. Overall the grab voucher are worth the minimal effort.

Change Default Java in Linux

Blah blah a linux command...

check sudo update-alternatives --config java

Find all java process in Linux

Blah blah a linux command...

ps -fea|grep -i java

Project Technology Lead

I am the team's tech lead...

A few things to note why I am our team's tech lead. First technology lead just basically means I know alot of the project technical details. I am versed enough to address the project technical needs. I am competent enough to assign and resolve project technical issues. End of the day it is about delivery and efficency on available resources.

I wrote a few automation scripts / code to make life easier. I writethis blog poorly because It is just work flying of my mind. No revisions just post, nobody reads this anyway.

Crash Course: Value Proposition and Customer Segments #3

Learning a few basic overview on customer segments...

Crash course is really like a good pie. It is nice at the start, but it is actually messy if you don't know the eating technique.