Mothers day, Microwave Broken, Baking cookies, Reflections, How to Sell Anything: Five for Friday

Friday of May 15, 2020

Last Sunday is Mother's Day! Our microwave just broke off, luckly my wife found a way to repair it! Baking homemade cookies from bad to great brownies. Life and self-reflection. How to sell any product.

Mother's Day

A special day for someone special...

It is mother's day! Happy Mother's Day to My Lovely Wifie!

Microwave Broken

Broken microwave, sparkling...

Our microwave just broke down. The metalic sheet that disipate the waves burned and caused some sparks. Luckily my wife found an online fix for it, we purchased a compatible metalic board in Lazada. Hopefully the microwave should work again after it arrives in 3 weeks. It is COVID season so shipments are really delayed.

Baking cookies

A few failed attempt to create a diy cookie...

Just to try something new. I tried baking a simple homemade cookie or brownies.


Lockdown is also a room for reflection...

Life is hard when there is problem hitting you. Overall my life is quite good, nice and happy. Experiencing the terrible times lets you appreciate your current state in life. Despite lockdown I can still work from home when others can't even find a job.

Crash Course: How to Sell Anything #12

How to Sell Anything: Crash Course Entrepreneurship #12...

It can be hard to strike the right tone or know what’s going to appeal to someone, but there are tricks. We can craft a narrative and use well-placed emotional appeals to tell customers a story.