Labor Day, Circuit Breaker, Peerjs, Websockets, Covid Hack, Question No One Knows the Answers: Five for Friday

Friday of May 01, 2020

Peaceful Labor Day in the Philippines, obviously during the lockdown. Another week of circuit breaker in Singapore. Experimented on Peerjs for webrtc server. Covid hack in the company. Free web socket server. Watch some TED video about questions in our current world that no one has answers to. A plain week with not much photo to share, mostly like any other week in the house.

Labor Day

This the first time that it had been a quiet Labor Day...

Due to the COVID crisis it is a quiet labor day. No street rally and everything is only brought online.

Circuit Breaker

Extended circuit breaker on labor day...

Just another day not really much

Peerjs and Websocket

Re experimenting on peerjs and websocket...

Sharing a free websocket server . I might as well build one for testing and experiments.

Covid Hack

Preparing for the company covid hack project...

Brainstorming on how what to build for the COVID hack. Some ideas are trackers, temperature sensors and crowd control.

Crash Course: Questions No One Knows the Answers To

This world is still full of unknowns, and we should accept and embrace them...

It is normal for a person to fear the unknown and thus we try to make sense of it by creating shallow and vague hypotesis or adhoc claims. Ofthen we resort to unworldly powers as excuse to explain the unknowns, these things happend through out mankind. I remember my grade school teacher saying she dont like science because some of them deny God and as if they know everything. People of science don't claim they know everything on the contrary they thrive from the unknowns.