Extended Circuit Breaker, Joyce PCF Withdrawal, ABS-CBN Shutdown, Pandora, Minimum Viable Product and Pivoting: Five for Friday

Friday of May 08, 2020

Another month of circuit breaker here in Singapore. After a couple of discussion with Ms. Yeo we decided to cancel Joyce' withdrawal in PCF. Philippines, the current administration forced ABS-CBN to shutdown its public signal broadcast. Pandora for mother's day!

Extended Circuit Breaker

Adjusting work from home life style and efficiency...

It is a good call to add one more month to the circuit breaker. There are hundreds of cases in worker dormitories each day. The impact of this closure is felt by restaurant, retail and tourist industries.

Cancelled Joyce PCF Withdrawal

We would pay more if we cancel Joyce Withdrawal...

It was a trap to withdraw Joyce out of PCF since we still need to pay 2 months of fees. We don't blame PCF, actually we liked the school. Everyone is trying to manage themselves during this pandemic.

ABS-CBN Shutdown

The franchise of a TV station is not renewed...

Hitting the largest tv station that is critical to the government sums up everything. Btw there only two outstanding stations in the Philippines, and one of them was just knocked out. ABS-CBN in the service for the Filipino people.

Poor Philippines for 30 years

Philippines is a screwed up country...

Philippines as a country has no hope in elevating its poverty line soon. In the next 30 years people will remain poor in the country. More people also means cheaper labor cost, which in turn an opportunity to hire low; but in the world of machinery this is also a problem of productivity.

Pandora for Mother's Day

I love my wife, I like pandora...

Gave my wife a pandora necklace and pendant this mother's day. This photo that I post is quite bad but the rose gold necklace and infinity necklace is very nice.

Crash Course: Minimum Viable Product and Pivoting #6

Create a product viable enough for other people to use...

Having a side hustles is important pursue one's tech career. This is the reason I have attempted to have kosilog, jyoru, pinoypixel, forkge and katture.