Last dance, Circuit Breaker, Hack, Git, Side Hustles: Five for Friday

Friday of April 24, 2020

Started watching Netflix's Chicago Bull's Last Dance. Circuit Breaker Week 3, Cases are increasing this second week specially within the worker dormitories. Joyce is trying to practise her piano. The US president blames the World Health Organization on the countries problems. Switched from

Netflix's Chicago Bulls: Last Dance

Early millennials would definitly recognize Chicago Bulls...

The Netflix Last Dance bring back the childhood memories. I am not a basketball fan, but the in one way or the other I do watch and play basketball. In the Philippines almost all kids play basketball.

Next Hack Application

Joined a company hackathon...

Despite being quite old join company hackathon is still fun and enjoyable.

Circuit Breaker Week 3

The third week for circuit breaker and the cases are still increasing...

It is getting bad in Singapore more untrackable cases are being found. Partial lockdown is definitely essential.

Learning Git

Using GIT from SVN...

Just switched from git to svn. A few challenges in merging and resolving items. A items learned from this week is cherry picking, squash and rebase. Some concepts in git are not in svn, though other items are them, it is best to keep the merging and flow clean.

Tech Lead: Side Hustles

Why side hustles are important for personal imporvement...

One way or another we want to improve, to do that is go through side hustles.