Joyce Piano, Circuit Breaker, Trump Blames WHO, Police Kitchen Trasher, Accounting: Five for Friday

Friday of April 17, 2020

Cases are increasing this second week specially within the worker dormitories. Joyce is trying to practise her piano. The US president blames the World Health Organization on the countries problems. Police came to the house to investigate the person throwing trash in the kitchen window. Learn abit of accounting in Crash Course Accounting.

Joyce Practising Keyboard

Trying to learn the keys and recognizing the notes...

We bought this last christmas and Joyce had fun Casio SA-46

Circuit Breaker Week 2

The second week for circuit breaker and the cases are still increasing...

It is getting bad in Singapore more untrackable cases are being found. Partial lockdown is definitely essential. We had our socially distance grocery activity. Going out with two strollers and kids.

Company Adjusting Policy and Clearance

Our company is trying to mitigate the risk of the current pandemic by adding additional measure to work and do support...

Adjusting to the new working policy, working at home amids the pandemic.

Police Came To Identify The Kitchen Trasher

Someone throws stuff in the kitchen window, and the police went to every home of this side of the wall to investigate...

A police came to investigate the person throwing litters in the kitchen window. Three police 2 male 1 female investigate the incident.

Crash Course: Accounting and Book Keeping

This is quick guide in doing accounting, pratise accounting rather focusing too much on the concept.