Outsystem, GDAP, 7Soul, Natural Depth of Field, Educational Games: Five for Friday

Friday of April 28, 2017

Another you got it all rapid development solution, Outsystem. The community of gamedevs in the Philippines GDAP. A good source of prototype assets 7Soul. A quirk of discussion about depth of field. How educational games came to be on crash coarse games.

  1. IT: Outsystem
  2. Community: GDAP
  3. Pinoypixel: Pixelart, 7Soul Assets
  4. Oculus: Achieving natural depth of field
  5. Crash Course: Educational Games

Just another weekend, April 2017: Family for Friday

Friday of April 21, 2017

#joycekirsten #justanotherweekend

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Just like another family weekend. Late lunch at Tim Ho Wan.

Pinoypixel, Websockets, Phpliteadmin, jsFiddle, Board Games : Five for Friday

Friday of April 21, 2017

If you hesitate to purchase game assets below are some tips. You need a websocket java client and server? Needed to have a web based tool to manage your sqlite db? Do you want to share and write js? Love board games? It is a week of needs and questions.

  1. Pinoypixel: Why purchase game assets
  2. Java: Bare websocket engine
  3. Php: phpLiteAdmin, Web based tool to manage sqlite
  4. Web: jsFiddle
  5. Crash Course: Board Games


Aspect ratio calculator: JsFiddle

Monday of April 17, 2017

Recently I have been using this site for its aspect ratio computation, but might as well write something for myself. Jsfiddle below.

Rooftop Park Somerset: Family for Friday

Friday of April 14, 2017

#joycekirsten #jacekevin #313somerset #rooftoppark

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Weekend, Rooftop park Somerset with family