Quick Comments: Integration Solutions: Apache Camel and Mule

Sunday of October 09, 2016

Spending sometime checking out Apache Camel and Mule ESB, at first glance both seems to do the same thing. A few key points for my personal experience ni using both of them

  1. I find Apache Camel easier to use but the difference in learning curve between the two would not greatly differ to each other. As long as you can grasp the fundamental concepts, the usage of both should be quite straight forward.
  2. Mule ESB is a complete platform compared to Apache Camel which feels more like a library.
  3. Apache Camel on its self is only a mediation framework, although using other service container such as Redhat's Hawt.io or Apache ServiceMix can fill the gap. Integrating the other service containers is also straight forward.

Based on my preference I would rather choose Apache Camel and adding Apache Service Mix, or a custom Service platform. Although Mule ESB provide a complete package and has a well implemented platform, going into a lean approach also has its own good points as well as its risk.

Project: Minero

Saturday of September 24, 2016

An ajax polling prototype game, which mixes mining and to make it more exciting zombies and skeletons. It has a shallow quest mission system. Project: Minero.

Marina Bay Lantern Festival with Family

Saturday of September 17, 2016

Lantern festival with family. Despite staying in SG for quite sometime, this is our first time attending a lantern festival. A small shot from our visit.


lantern festival with wifey+kids #joycekirsten #jacekevin

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Project: Gabriel

Friday of September 16, 2016

Casual jumping game, it was one of my first entries for pinoypixel blog post. It doesn't contain much but helps me relieves stress everytime i played this game. Project: Gabriel.

PHP and SQLite3 Simple DB Manager

Friday of August 26, 2016

Created another basic CRUD application, this time its for PHP and SQLite (https://github.com/joeyapa/Php-SQLite3-CRUD). The implementation needs a couple of improvements and basically it does the task it was intended to.