Family for Friday: Dinner Time

Friday of January 13, 2017

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Weekend dinner. Din Tai Fung.


Five for Friday: Light Novels, Blacksmith and Developer

Friday of January 13, 2017

Reading a new light novel by Tian Can Tu Dou (武动乾坤). Dry coughs due to the weather changes. Interesting site to try Watched an interesting crash course video. Blacksmith as to a developer.

  1. Light Novel: Wu Dong Qian Kun
  2. Climate: Weather changes
  3. Web:
  4. Crash Course: Philosophy, Discrimination
  5. Perspective. Blacksmith as to a Developer


Five for Friday: Start of the New Year

Friday of January 06, 2017

Start of the new year and things starts differently for our family too. Joyce starts schooling, work pattern and house chores will be shuffled to accomodate Joyce schooling. Jace is turning five and Joyce turning three, during this period they really become naughty.

  1. Family: Joyce First Day of School
  2. Blogs: Wuxiaworld
  3. Work: Migration
  4. Mini Project: Project Paaralan
  5. Github: Snippets


Family for Friday: Joyce First Day of School

Tuesday of January 03, 2017

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Video of Joyce's first day of school. It is a 2-hour playgroup near Compass One.


Five for Friday: End of 2016

Friday of December 30, 2016

This is a wild year, looking back on how the year was for us.

  1. Flashback: Start of 2016, Jace High Fever
  2. Flashback: Tioman, Berjaya
  3. Flashback: Jace and Joyce Birthday
  4. Flashback: Projects, Pinoypixel and Forkge
  5. Flashback: World views, Presidency and Events