Liferay: Pinoypixel

Saturday of December 03, 2016

This Liferay is a reboot game from rikoshe gamejam, and not an opensource portal framework. It is hack and slash side platformer game. You can check and play the game in this url Liferay.


Five for Friday: Douluo Dalu

Friday of December 02, 2016

Recently I have been reading fantasy novels written by Chinese or Japanese writers with genere related to leveling. Stories with multi-level player themes are somewhat contenporary novels that have some an appeal specially for the generation who likes to play video games.

  1. Short Novel: Douluo Dalu by Tang Jia San Shao
  2. Liferay: Quick Release
  3. Gamedev: Templates and Level Configuration insights
  4. Devops: Speed and Reliability
  5. Down Syndrome: Jace Facial Habits


Family for Friday: Kat and Opposite Istana Park

Friday of December 02, 2016


with wifie and kids 😊opposite istana park..

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Weekend picture with Kat. Opposite side of Istana Park.


Five for Friday: Christmas is Coming

Friday of November 25, 2016

The week is a breeze, work load is the usual. It is raining everywhere. Rain is a love and hate feeling.

  1. Housing: Rental Stabilizing
  2. Indiedev: Short Game
  3. Season: Christmas is Coming
  4. Food: Jollibee
  5. Health: Wisdom Tooth


Family for Friday: Me and Kat Orchard

Friday of November 25, 2016



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Weekend with Kat and Kiddo. I should take better shots next time.