Cherry blossoms, Armor Game, Alibaba on AR, Startup, Connected Console : Five for Friday

Friday of March 24, 2017

Weekend of Cherry blossoms. Armor games in Netlify. Alibaba funding AR startup for cars. What startsups need vs on what it can afford. Crash course video games discusses connected consoles.

  1. Singapore: Cherry blossoms available at Gardens by the Bay
  2. Website: Armor Game Studio in Netlify
  3. Tech: Alibaba eyes AR in cars
  4. Startup: Product management in Singapore, What startups need vs what they can afford
  5. Crash Course: Microsoft and Connected Consoles


Trends, Startupcums, Smartwatch, Netlify, Playstation : Five for Friday

Friday of March 17, 2017

Trends that we will most likely see this 2017. Why join a startup community? Smartwatch, oh barely living? Check out Netlify! Go Go Playstation.

  1. Tech: 12 trends that will define 2017
  2. Tech: Why you should consider joining a startup community
  3. Tech: AI may kickstart the declining smartwatch market in India in 2017
  4. Web: Netlify Hosting
  5. Crash Course: Playstation and More Immersive Video Games


Joyce didn't like unmatched food utensils: Family for Friday

Friday of March 17, 2017

#joycekirsten #eating #spoon hmm different spoons 😶

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Joyce eating. Spoon and fork are not matching.


Joyce food waiting Changi Town: Family for Friday

Friday of March 10, 2017

#foodqueue #foodwaiting #joycekirsten #familyfridays #changi

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Joyce waiting for her lunch at Changi Town.


WDQK, NUC, Letsencrypt, UFW, GCS, Sega: Five for Friday

Friday of March 10, 2017

For this past few weeks I have read a lot of Wu Dong Qian Kun or WDQK and I am currently at chapter 650. Really tempted to buy an Intel NUC and use it as a WebRTC server for my Pinoypixel and Kosilog projects. I have updated Rankaru to have a Google Custom Search modal view. For this weeks crash course I'll be passing through Sega and other mature video games.

  1. Light Novel: Wu Dong Qian Kun
  2. Wants: Planning to buy an Intel NUC
  3. Tech: Fixing Digtal Ocean LetsEncrypt and UFW
  4. Tech: Google Custom Search
  5. Crash Course: Sega and More Mature Video Games