Marina Bay Lantern Festival with Family

Saturday of September 17, 2016

Lantern festival with family. Despite staying in SG for quite sometime, this is our first time attending a lantern festival. A small shot from our visit.


lantern festival with wifey+kids #joycekirsten #jacekevin

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Project: Gabriel

Friday of September 16, 2016

Casual jumping game, it was one of my first entries for pinoypixel blog post. It doesn't contain much but helps me relieves stress everytime i played this game. Project: Gabriel.

PHP and SQLite3 Simple DB Manager

Friday of August 26, 2016

Created another basic CRUD application, this time its for PHP and SQLite ( The implementation needs a couple of improvements and basically it does the task it was intended to.

Jquery Form Generator Snippet

Wednesday of August 10, 2016

Simple jquery snippet to generate bootstrap form.

Jyoru Games Relaunched

Tuesday of June 07, 2016

Just relaunched to a different platform and server. The new server should be able to provide content much faster, better game response and improve loading time.